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Sunday, 13 February 2011

St Margaret's Bay and the cliffs

A walk, yesterday, with the family and the mad spaniel along the White Cliffs provided the opportunity for a bit of birding and some new lifers for my daughter, which she seemed pleased with. Having had a nice lunch at the Coastguard ( I can recommend the "award-winning" cheeseboard) we climbed out of the Bay south toward Dover, hitting the cliff edge as soon as you can. It was mild and very pleasant - Monty (the dog) was in his element of course, and spring really does feel like it's just around the corner, even though all the vegetation still looks dormant. We did spot a Great Black-backed gull (24) out to sea and a small flock of Cormorant (25). Fulmar (26) was quickly added, we had great views of them in flight, too distant for any pics though. The highlight, birdwise, was as we reached Fan Bay, since we spotted 2 Raven (27). We sat for a few minutes and had good but distant views. I'd been hoping we'd see some display flying, but it wasn't to. We did get a single photo as one of the flew overhead, not great though I had only brought the 24-105mm lens.


K was well impressed. One thing that slightly intrigues me is the white mark on the bird's underside - it's visible as a tiny mark on the pic above, but more obvious of you zoom in a bit:

IMG_5125 - Version 2

You'd say it might be a colour-ring, but a quick search at didn't mention any CRing activity on Ravens around here (or indeed the whole UK). So I'm not sure?

We also saw a few Jay (28) and the usual mix of birds.

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