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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Moth Trap 83

There were visibly more moths around last night, Clouded Silver was new for year and I even found a new for me species in the form of a Figure of Eighty. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo as it had flown off by this morning.

6 Shuttle shaped Dart
2 Clouded Silver
1 Willow Beauty
1 Figure of Eighty
2 Common Pug


The Figure of Eighty turned up on the trap later:

Figure of Eighty

Detail of the "eighty"

Figure of Eighty - close up

Life total: 120
Garden total: 103
2010 total species: 29
2010 total moths: 109


justal said...

Things are certainly hotting up... I had over eighty moths in the trap last night with 38 different species... It take me all morning to go through them.

Full list and photos here:

JerryL said...

That far exceeds what I've ever had. I think I need to move to the countryside and then buy a better trap!

justal said...

My trap is nothing special.. just a 22W Actinic light. We don't have that varied countryside around us either as we live on the coast, but we do seem to get plenty of moths.

It's my first year trapping so I'm a little overwhelmed by them sometimes!


JerryL said...

I'm the same, only started about a year ago, so still spend a lot of time searching through the guides only to realize it's one I've seen before!

justal said...

I know the feeling well... Just when I think I'm getting the hang of them they all start looking the same again!

Just going through last nights trap now.. At least 40 different species and 130 individual moths - It's going to be a long day getting through that little lot.

I shall post weblog entry of the whole list later (hopefully).