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Monday, 13 July 2009

Moth trap 52

A smaller and less diverse catch this morning with no new species.

Heart and Dart 1
Dot Moth 2
Flame 1
Dark Arches 10
Common Footman 1
Small magpie 3
Common Wainscot 2
Bright-line Brown-eye 5

Moth Totals

Total species 94 (91 in garden)

Total Moths 931


Steve Waite said...

Hi Jerry,

Having just purchased a moth trap I am very keen on these little critters.

I think your blog is excellent, but where are you based in the UK?



JerryL said...

Hi Steve - thanks for the feedback, I very much appreciate it!. As to location, we're based in Broadstairs over in East Kent.



JerryL said...

Steve - also...your blog is also excellent. That Rosy Footman is superb. Not one I've ever had.
All the best, Jerry