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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Moth Trap 48

Didn't get time to write up the moth catch this morning, so here it is now, a little delayed.

Heart and darts now down to 5 very tired looking individuals, they can't have long left. Otherwise it was 1 new species in the form of a Common Wainscot and the usual recent mix.

Heart and Dart 5
Heart and club 1
Buff Ermine 2
Least Carpet 1
Large Yellow Underwing 2
Uncertain 4
Dark Arches 5
Bright-line Brown-eye 2
Dot Moth 1
Common Wainscot 1 (new !)
Garden Pebble 1
Small magpie 1
Crambus pascuella 3

Common Wainscot

Common Wainscot (Mythimna pallens)

Moth Counts

Total Species 81 (78 in garden)

Total moths 795

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