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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Moth Trap 45

For some reason several of the moths flew off as i opened the trap this morning, so I may have missed a few, still lots of variety and some new ones so I shouldn't complain. What is clear is that the numbers of Heart and Darts are going down, just 22 this morning and many look in bad shape!

Heart and Dart 22
Heart and Club 5
Large Yellow Underwing 1
Buff Ermine 1
Clouded Silver 1
Dot Moth 1
Riband Wave 3 (new !)
Burnished Brass 1 (new !)
Common Footman 2
Minor sp 5
Mottled Pug 1
Garden carpet 1
Bright Line Brown Eye 2
Uncertain 1 (new !)
Cnephasia sp 1 (new !)
Eudonia pallida 1 (new !)
Micro TBD 1 (new !)
Diamondback 1
Apple Ermine 3 (new !)
Nutmeg 1 (new !)

Riband Wave

Riband Wave (Idaea aversata f. remutata)


Can't ID, advice welcome

Burnished Brass - fabulous!

Burnished Burnished Brass (Diachrysia chrysitis f. juncta)


Mottled Rustic (Caradrina morpheus) - Fairly sure?

Eudonia pallida

Micro moth

Micro TBD

Micro moth


Micro, not IDed yet

Apple Ermine

Apple Ermine (Yponomeuta malinellus)

Moth Counts

Total Species 75 (72 in garden)

Total moths 701

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