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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Six-Spot Burnet(s)

I was out on my usual walk today. As I walked along a bright red and black moth caught my eye and from a distance I assumed it was a cinnabar of which I've seen a few over the past few weeks. On closer examination though it clearly wasn't a cinnabar - spots on the wing, not a stripe. I suspected, and later confirmed that it was a 6-spot Burnet, the commonest of the Burnets . That wasn't the end though because as I walked on over the next 10 yards or so I counted another 30 or so of these moths lounging on the various flower heads. I did this walk yesterday, and I didn't spot any of these, so I'm guessing they have hatched en masse in the last 24 hours. The 6-spot was larger than I expected, with impressive antennae! I was very happy with my find - not bad for a roadside verge.

Moth totals

Total Species 51 (48 in garden)

Total moths 239

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