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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Moth trap 17

5 moths this morning, but it included 2 new species

1 Shuttle-shaped Dart
1 Brimstone Moth - still no photo of this, it flew of when i tried to move it
2 Light Brown Apple Moth
1 Yellow-barred Brindle

Yellow-barred Brindle (Acasis viretata)

Yellow-barred brindle ((Acasis viretata)

A very worn Light-brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas posvittana)

Light-brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas posvittana)

Moth totals

Total Species 20 (18 in garden)

Total moths 81


Bennyboymothman said...

That's a Yellow-barred Brindle, I'm sure you know already just a mis-spelling (something I do alot working long hours and rising at 4.30am!)

JerryL said...

Ooops, I read one thing....I type something else. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) can be easily confused with some local moths (tortricidae). It may actually require a DNA test to confirm for sure.

The more interesting and sinister story is how some people in authoritative positions in government have used this moth to steal $100's of millions of the public's emergency funds.

Briefly & fascinating:

More in depth and fascinating: