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Sunday, 24 May 2009


A change from the usual reports of moths etc... Last year I had a serious go a growing various varieties of chillis. I did have some success managing to get several types to fruit although I failed completely to get any of the legendary Dorset Naga - the world's hottest chilli - apparently. One reason for that I think was I started too late, i didn't get the seeds sowed until the beginning of April. So this year they went in on Feb 22nd, on our kitchen window sill. I didn't bother with the Dorset Nagas (apart from anything the seeds are £6 a packet! The varieties I went with included "Cherry Bomb", which was the best of last year's and also "Early Jalapeno" which should crop nice and early.

I don't have a greenhouse, and last year the best fruit came from a beer barrel with fleece netting surrounding the plants so I'm giving that another go with 10 plants in the veg patch itself:

I'm hoping that this will keep the plants nice and warm - you can certainly feel that it's warmer down at the plants level, so it should work so long as we don't get too cold a summer. In the sun today it was very warm!

This is one of the plants just after I'd planted it, bearing mind this was planted about 13 weeks ago it gives you an idea of how slowly they grow at the start. From now on they do start to grown more quickly.

Compared to last year, I'm probably 3 weeks further ahead - should give more time for fruits to develop!!

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