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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lots of Hovers

It was a lovely spring day today and I spent some time in the garden with the camera. Several hover species were evident, Epistrophe elegans was the most abundant (at least a dozen being present), but there were lots of Syrhus ribesii too. There were several Eristalis pertinax and Myathropa florea also. Of particular note were a few Helophilus pendulus, perhaps my favourite hover species, around the pond. I had direct evidence (eggs) of this species breeding in the garden last year, so it's good to see them back. In addition I spotted 2 new hoverfly species for me:

Pipiza noctiluca

Pipiza luteitarsis?

Platycheirus manicatus

Platycheirus scambus

Of course, hoverflies weren't the only creatures of interest, there were several St Mark's flies seen early in the morning, a new bug and a new spider species which I haven't identified yet. Finally a new species of wasp was spotted, only identified down to the genus level, namely Pimpla.

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