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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Kestrel 3

Another lunchtime walk, in what can only be described as fantastic early spring weather. The kestrel was there once again, but interestingly now joined by a female, clearly a pair. I know they have bred nearby in previous years, I once saw a female with 4 immature birds. Let's hope they breed nearby once again. Also of interest were the skylarks. I saw 4 today, flying close together, in a similar fluttering way to the normal song flight, but staying near the ground, not doing the usual lofty song flight. They appeared to be displaying to one another, so I assume they were 2 pairs that were sorting out their territories. I'd never seen that behavior before. Let's hope they all stay and breed. A Grey Heron and a Green Woodpecker rounded off my walk. Very nice.

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Bennyboymothman said...

We are indeed having lovely weather, glad you had a nice relaxing walk!