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Saturday, 4 April 2009

I bought a book: Lichens, by Frank Dobson

I received a neatly wrapped parcel today from NHBS. In it was Frank Dobson's "Lichens: An illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species".

Check it out:

This is described as the standard British work, covering 450 species including all of the common ones and many rare ones too.

This fills a previously very empty hole in my wildlife library, since I had no way to effectively identify lichen species. The book has a key, a large number of pictures and very usefully distribution maps for all species. I'm looking forward to using to add to my species list.

First species I need to identify is this one:

Lichen close up

This was taken on our front wall using the MP65mm macro lens at about 4:1. The little cups are about 0.4 mm across!

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