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Friday, 3 April 2009

Common Gull at Cuil bay

This photo is a very simple shot of a relatively common species and yet it's one of my favourites. I took it from the car window in a rain storm and I think it was reluctant to move on because of the weather so it stayed put. The bird's posture reflects how it's having to steady itself against the wind.

Common Gull

I also like it because it brings back memories of the location where I took it, namely Cuil Bay. Cuil Bay is in the Highland's of Scotland, some 20 miles down the coast from Fort William, lying about 1/2 mile west of the main road. It's a wonderfully remote and peaceful spot. The single track road curves around the sandy bay, which faces South West down Loch Linhe. When we went we parked up in a layby and had our picnic, checking out the shore birds and so on - fantastic. The beach is also great for beach combing, I assume because it collects lots of stuff that's swept up the Loch. Amongst the various bits we found were several dead Guillemots, including one sporting a BTO ring. When I got the details back from the BTO, some time later, it emerged the bird had been ringed on the island of Canna, in the inner Hebrides, a few years before. Our beach combing wasn't just a pleasurable hour with the kids but also added a tiny bit more to the knowledge of Guillemot biology!

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