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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pollen beetle

These pollen beetles are all over our daffodils right now.

Pollen beetle sp

Check deep inside the trumpet, often there will be several clustered around the base of the stamens. There are several similar species, this could be Meligethes aeneus, but I can't be sure. I like this shot, I took it using the MP65mm lens and the MT24-EX flash at about 3:1 and it well illustrates the challenges but also the attraction of using this lens. These insects are tiny, maybe on 1 mm deep, yet the plane of focus is limited to just the eyes and the antenna, the dorsal surface is well out of focus. You'd think I'd have used a tripod, but my current technique is hand hold then fire off maybe 20 shots in rapid succession whilst moving the camera through the plane of focus. It doesn't always work, but often good shots can be found once the pics are downloaded. It's not a very sophisticated method, but with insects that are constantly moving it gives greater flexibility. The reason I like this shot is the diagonal formed by the bright yellow daffodil contrasting with the background.

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