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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I took a lunch time walk today, my usual route, down past the Monks Wall nature reserve near Sandwich in Kent. As I walked along it became windier and windier and I realised I was going to be caught in a squall. The wind increased further and the rain started to lash down. The sky glowered a mean grey that contrasts so well with the landscape - no camera to hand unfortunately. The wind was such that even though I had my iPod on full volume but could hardly hear the Fredcast. Then I noticed a bird, a kestrel, hovering over the field, hunting for prey. It's a regular sighting, often it perches on a street lamp, flying off as I approach. I marveled at it, it was as if there was no weather to speak of, it just carried on about it's business, hovering effortlessly on the wind. After a minute it swooped off south and I walked on and as rapidly as the storm had started it cleared and the sun re-emerged, although the wind continued to blow and I still couldn't hear the iPod. Exhilarating. A typical English spring I guess.

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